HI! I'm Faid Fadjri


Passionate full-stack developer with 3 years background in programming fields. With graphic design skills enable me to create amazing application as developer and graphic designer

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I began with no knowledge but fell in love with graphic design, creating with pixels and colors. Then i have fall in love with IoT and Software Development Technology

Freelance Graphic Designer

Start by being graphic designer freelancer creating a several graphic design like Vector Design, Flat Illustration Flyer etc.

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2018-01-01 - Present

IoT Engineer Intern mertani-logo

IoT Software Engineer at Mertani, an agricultural tech startup company. Help manage their IoT Devices Code.

2019-09-01 - 2020-02-01
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IT Support Intern akastra logo

Maintain office network and troubleshooting computer make sure all operation all working properly

Business Dev'l | Fullstack Developer akastra logo

Working as business development role concurrently as fullstack developer at Akastra Toyota

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2020-09-01 - Present


Continuously learn new things, collaborate with people, and ensure that the projects I undertake are not only useful but also applicable across various industries.

SDY Labs


A lot of my skill set is self-taught, but I have also obtained a few certifications after enrolling in some online programming courses

android kotlin pcap MTCNA


I have been create a lot of application to help my current company work efficiently and made an impact for industry

Akastra Website

Akastra Company Profile

Company profile website to help customer find workshop easily. Make an appointment for services and improve the company's sales.

Akastra Website

KSC Motor Landing Page

Company profile website to help customer find workshop easily. Make an appointment for services and improve the company's sales.

Akastra Website


The task management system implemented at Akastra Toyota and KSC Motor Company Help managament Communication with BOD

Akastra Website

BNI Premises Checksheet

an application used by Bank Negara Indonesia which is one of the biggest bank company under goverment in indonesia to conduct checks at each of its outlets in various branches across Indonesia.

Akastra Website

Akastra Mobile - No Published

an Akastra Toyota android mobile application company's for their customer.

Akastra Website

Walk Around Check

A useful Progressive Web App (PWA) for assisting Service Advisor teams in performing PPS or Pre Production Services.

Akastra Website

E Parking

an application for helping the parking areas monitoring. Help to find a root cause of crowded parking areas.

Akastra Website

Bottled Water Business

Creating new business under cooperation in Akastra Toyota.

Akastra Website

Mini Cafe Business

Mini cafe inside Akastra Toyota under Akastra Link Cooperation

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